Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Natural Factors Gaba Supplement 100mg - Anxiety Supplements Review by Dr.Kate Rheaume-Bleue


National Nutrition interviewed Global Health Factors host and McMasters Honours Graduate, Kate Rheaume Bleue, as we sought more information for our followers on the natural relaxant "GABA". Kate Rheaume-Bleue recommends a GABA supplement for immediate relief of mild to severe anxiety symptoms. WATCH NOW and find out if GABA is right for you, and try Kate's recommendation of Natural Factors 100% natural GABA the next time you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

View this product at: https://www.nationalnutrition.ca/natural-factors-gaba-100mg-90-vcaps.html

Made with PharmaGABA™, a 100% natural form proven to cross the blood/brain barrier, unlike synthetic forms. Although other nutrients such as L-Theanine can also increase alpha brain waves, GABA is more powerful and can provide a quick fix in circumstances of extreme stress, as with phobias and fears.

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