Tuesday, May 29, 2007


There's a new term in the natural health world that you might have been hearing alot about. It's called ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) and it refers to the free radical activity present in different foods and supplements. With this system of measurement, we are now able to compare the strength of many different antioxidant sources.

The CBC recently published a list of the ORAC ratings of several common foods. Here are some of the results for the foods and supplements with the highest ORAC ratings: (measurements per cup unless otherwise stated)

Red Kidney Beans 13 259
Pinto Beans 11864
Black Beans 4181
Blueberries 13427 / 100g
Cranberries 8983
Artichokes 7904
Strawberries 5938
Black Berries 6058
Red Delicious Apples 5900 (whole apple)
Granny Smith Apples 5381 (whole apple)
Nuts 5095 / 28g

...click here for the CBC's complete article

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