Thursday, July 06, 2023

Stress Relief Suplement - Himalaya Stresscare with Botanical Researcher Omar Cruz


Believe is or not our most common STRESSORS are not products of BIG monumental choices or problems - typically they are the small day to day issues that tend to build and form an abundance of stress which can be harmful to the body. Omar Cruz is here at National Nutrition to offer our viewers some education on the true causes of stress, and some advice on how better to get through the day. Omar is the Director of Education and Herbal Researcher for Himalaya Herbals - and HERE, Omar offers a supplementing strategy for those who need some extra help getting through and overcoming stress Himalaya Herbal’s calming formula StressCare.

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Himalaya Herbal’s StressCare:

StressCare from Himalaya supports the quick resolution of stress in the body and reinforces recovery from periods of duress and physical exertion. It instantly relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. StressCare promotes a full-night's rest and wakeful mornings and includes the world's most prized adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Turmeric in a synergistic blend to support you in times of physical fatigue and emotional exertion.

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