Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 10 Earth Day Tips - What are you doing for Earth Day?

1. Save energy to save money.
Use a drying rack or clothesline to save the energy otherwise used during machine drying.

2. Save water to save money.
Take shorter showers to reduce water use. This will lower your water and heating bills too.

3. Less gas and more money.
Walk or bike to work. This saves on gas and parking costs while improving your cardiovascular health!

4. Eat smart.
If you eat meat, add one meatless meal a week (Meatless Mondays). Meat costs a lot at the store-and it's even more expensive when you consider the related environmental and health costs.

5. Skip the bottled water.
Use a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it generates large amounts of container waste.

6. Use recyclable bags.
It takes 1000 years for polyethylene bags to break down.

7. Borrow instead of buying.
Share power tools and other appliances. Get to know your neighbors while cutting down on the number of things cluttering your closet or garage.

8. Buy smart.
Invest in high-quality, long-lasting products. You might pay more now, but you'll be happy when you don't have to replace items as frequently (and this means less waste!).

9. Keep electronics out of the trash.
E-waste contains mercury and other toxics and is a growing environmental problem. Recycle or donate your old cell phone.

10. Make your own cleaning supplies.
Making your own cleaning products saves money, time, and packaging-not to mention your indoor air quality. All you need are a few simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap.


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