Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is a favourite in aromatherapy, admired for its soothing menthol scent. Centuries ago Eucalyptus trees were thought to cleanse the air, their leaves would be crushed up and used to fight infection and relieve muscular pain. Today, Eucalyptus is still recognized for its medicinal properties, found in many cough and cold formulas, vapour rubs, and more. It is also wonderful used in a diffuser or vaporizer to help freshen the air and re-energize the body. Easily one of the most recognizable essential oils, Eucalyptus’ pungent and refreshing scent makes it an ideal ingredient in uplifting, energizing and decongesting applications. The pure oil can be diffused throughout your house or office in an essential oil burner. It can also be used in massage oils, but in a diluted form only; follow the directions below or those on the product labelling. Eucalyptus makes an excellent alcohol-free mouth wash and gargle with a few drops mixed in water. For complete instructions on the correct use of eucalyptus essential oil click here. Valerie Anne Worwood's book, The Fragrant Pharmacy is the classic book on the use of aromatherapy.

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